Annual Conferences

21 June 2016 - 60 years on from the Clean Air Act - air pollution in London today

2 July 2015 - Air Pollution trends and intervention analysis, engagement with businesses and communities

23-24 June 2014 - Frontiers in Air Quality Science

21st June 2013 - Air pollution in London - challenges and solutions & Tackling air pollution as a public health issue

28th June 2012 - Airborne particle composition, pollution episodes & Air pollution heath impacts

1st July 2011 - PM10 sources, toxicity, NO2 concentrations and health effects

21st September 2010 - Air Quality Seminar - NO2 and PM10 in London

24th April 2009 - Air Quality trends - measurements, emissions and future

23rd January 2008 - Achieving Sustainable Air Quality for London

9th July 2007 - Air Quality Measurement

19th January 2007 - New Issues in PM10 and NO2 & Congestion Charging and the Low Emissions Zone

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